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27:36Cooking Simulator
Cooking SimulatorGanger 2,5 mill3 dager siden
25:21Markiplier & Lixian MEGA COMPILATION
Markiplier & Lixian MEGA COMPILATIONGanger 2,8 mill5 dager siden
35:15THE HELL OF GOLF | Golf Around
THE HELL OF GOLF | Golf AroundGanger 2,3 mill6 dager siden
6:13Spooky Scary Horror Compilation
Spooky Scary Horror CompilationGanger 2 mill8 dager siden
0:17Markiplier Is Real
Markiplier Is RealGanger 4,4 mill9 dager siden
2:21Bob's Confession
Bob's ConfessionGanger 1,9 mill10 dager siden
1:44Wade's Confession
Wade's ConfessionGanger 2,2 mill12 dager siden
4:27Marcus and Rachel's Confession
Marcus and Rachel's ConfessionGanger 1,8 mill13 dager siden
3:08Lixian's Confession
Lixian's ConfessionGanger 3,4 mill15 dager siden
0:24Markiplier Isn't Real
Markiplier Isn't RealGanger 5 mill16 dager siden
28:33JUST GO IN THE HOLE | Golf Around
JUST GO IN THE HOLE | Golf AroundGanger 3,3 mill18 dager siden
0:142020 - A Comprehensive Review
2020 - A Comprehensive ReviewGanger 2,4 mill20 dager siden
29:343 SCARY GAMES #62
3 SCARY GAMES #62Ganger 3,1 mill20 dager siden
MOST CARDS I'VE EVER DRAWN | UNOGanger 2,3 mill21 dag siden
ESCAPING THE SINKHOLE | The ForestGanger 3 mill22 dager siden
24:08Phasmophobia VR Solo is TERRIFYING
Phasmophobia VR Solo is TERRIFYINGGanger 2,9 mill23 dager siden
27:25Trying Korean, Russian, and American MREs
32:423 Scary CHRISTMAS Games
3 Scary CHRISTMAS GamesGanger 2,8 mill27 dager siden
1:38He Escaped...
He Escaped...Ganger 3 mill29 dager siden
DESTROYING THE FOREST | The ForestGanger 3,1 millMåned siden
37:29BRAND NEW MAP | Phasmophobia
BRAND NEW MAP | PhasmophobiaGanger 3,9 millMåned siden
COLD CALLGanger 2,4 millMåned siden
30:24THEY'RE COMING FOR US!! | The Forest
THEY'RE COMING FOR US!! | The ForestGanger 3,7 millMåned siden
23:08HILARIOUS and BRUTAL | People Playground
THE TERROR OF THE TREES | The ForestGanger 4,6 millMåned siden
ULTRAKILLGanger 2,3 millMåned siden
27:21oh well... | RAFT
oh well... | RAFTGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
45:46I really messed up... | Among Us
I really messed up... | Among UsGanger 2,9 millMåned siden
36:05are we safe...? | RAFT
are we safe...? | RAFTGanger 2,4 millMåned siden
9:14I'm Back From the Hospital
I'm Back From the HospitalGanger 2,6 millMåned siden
1:59Hospital Update
Hospital UpdateGanger 4,4 millMåned siden
1:20I had to go to the hospital... again.
I had to go to the hospital... again.Ganger 5 millMåned siden
48:33Firefighting Simulator
Firefighting SimulatorGanger 3,7 millMåned siden
33:56I Have a Confession to Make...
I Have a Confession to Make...Ganger 6 millMåned siden
27:55is this the end...? | Raft
is this the end...? | RaftGanger 2,6 millMåned siden
36:13~yes~ PROXIMITY CHAT ~yes~ | Among Us
~yes~ PROXIMITY CHAT ~yes~ | Among UsGanger 4,3 millMåned siden
19:28Del Monte is Dead to Me
Del Monte is Dead to MeGanger 3,8 millMåned siden
20:47I'M THE MONSTER NOW... | In Silence
I'M THE MONSTER NOW... | In SilenceGanger 3,5 mill2 måneder siden
25:56I Bought the World's Brightest Flashlight
I Bought the World's Brightest FlashlightGanger 4,1 mill2 måneder siden
32:06SING THE DEMONS AWAY | Sign of Silence
SING THE DEMONS AWAY | Sign of SilenceGanger 2,7 mill2 måneder siden
1:37:40Superliminal (FULL GAME)
Superliminal (FULL GAME)Ganger 7 mill2 måneder siden
48:54THE BABY WITHIN... | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 4
41:19MARKIPLIER DOESN'T SURVIVE... | Phasmophobia
MARKIPLIER DOESN'T SURVIVE... | PhasmophobiaGanger 4,8 mill2 måneder siden
5:19Unus Annus - Post Mortem
Unus Annus - Post MortemGanger 6 mill2 måneder siden
44:49LOST IN A MAZE (with friends...) | Labyrinthine
20:54DON'T MAKE A SOUND... | In Silence
DON'T MAKE A SOUND... | In SilenceGanger 3,9 mill2 måneder siden
YEAH, THIS IS BIG BRAIN TIME | Among UsGanger 3,2 mill2 måneder siden
38:10100% SPOOKY | Sign of Silence
100% SPOOKY | Sign of SilenceGanger 3,5 mill2 måneder siden
DETECTIVE MARKIPLIER... | Among UsGanger 4,5 mill2 måneder siden
50:50i'd rather not... | RAFT
i'd rather not... | RAFTGanger 3,1 mill2 måneder siden
1:02:46NO THANK YOU!! | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 3
NO THANK YOU!! | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 3Ganger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
27:42THAT'S NOT GOOD!! | Phasmophobia
THAT'S NOT GOOD!! | PhasmophobiaGanger 4,2 mill2 måneder siden
1:13:17SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH ME... | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 2
1:19:20BABY, I'M BACK! | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 1
BABY, I'M BACK! | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 1Ganger 4,7 mill2 måneder siden
47:55oh no... | RAFT
oh no... | RAFTGanger 3,2 mill3 måneder siden
21:17I FINALLY BEAT IT... | Pogostuck
I FINALLY BEAT IT... | PogostuckGanger 2,6 mill3 måneder siden
35:453 SCARY GAMES #61
3 SCARY GAMES #61Ganger 3,3 mill3 måneder siden
48:483 SCARY GAMES #60
3 SCARY GAMES #60Ganger 4 mill3 måneder siden
27:57LIXIAN IS GONE. LUNKY IS HERE. | Minecraft - Part 18
5:31AFK Arena - Official Trailer
AFK Arena - Official TrailerGanger 1,9 mill3 måneder siden
29:10THEY LEFT ME TO DIE... | Phasmophobia
THEY LEFT ME TO DIE... | PhasmophobiaGanger 5 mill3 måneder siden
35:23GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia
GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | PhasmophobiaGanger 7 mill3 måneder siden
THIS IS A BAD IDEAGanger 3,6 mill3 måneder siden
2:10i broke my nose... twice...
i broke my nose... twice...Ganger 4,4 mill3 måneder siden
1:00:16DO NOT WATCH | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
29:11EVERYTHING IS FINE. | Minecraft - Part 17
EVERYTHING IS FINE. | Minecraft - Part 17Ganger 2,2 mill3 måneder siden
33:32I GOT AWAY WITH THAT?? | Among Us
I GOT AWAY WITH THAT?? | Among UsGanger 5 mill3 måneder siden
36:323 SCARY GAMES #59
3 SCARY GAMES #59Ganger 4,6 mill3 måneder siden
32:03HEH... ALMOST TOO EASY | Among Us
HEH... ALMOST TOO EASY | Among UsGanger 6 mill3 måneder siden
44:08MISTAKES WERE MADE!! | Unrailed - Part 2
MISTAKES WERE MADE!! | Unrailed - Part 2Ganger 1,8 mill4 måneder siden
30:26I AM AMONG YOU... | Among Us
I AM AMONG YOU... | Among UsGanger 7 mill4 måneder siden
THE PERFECT WINNING STRATEGY | Fall GuysGanger 3 mill4 måneder siden
44:21I FEEL TERRIBLE... | Darkwood - Part 15
I FEEL TERRIBLE... | Darkwood - Part 15Ganger 969 k4 måneder siden
33:54WE SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS!! | Unrailed
WE SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS!! | UnrailedGanger 2,6 mill4 måneder siden
26:43LAVA IS HOT HAHAHaha... | Minecraft - Part 16
LAVA IS HOT HAHAHaha... | Minecraft - Part 16Ganger 2,4 mill4 måneder siden
37:10THE ELEPHANTS | Darkwood - Part 14
THE ELEPHANTS | Darkwood - Part 14Ganger 1,1 mill4 måneder siden
1:06:56WE'RE A DOCTOR!! | Surgeon Simulator 2
WE'RE A DOCTOR!! | Surgeon Simulator 2Ganger 4,7 mill4 måneder siden
12:39YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike...
YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike...Ganger 9 mill4 måneder siden
37:37WADE NEVER WINS | Fall Guys
WADE NEVER WINS | Fall GuysGanger 4 mill4 måneder siden
32:123 SCARY GAMES #58
3 SCARY GAMES #58Ganger 5 mill4 måneder siden
42:58I WON'T EAT YOU... | Darkwood - Part 12
I WON'T EAT YOU... | Darkwood - Part 12Ganger 1 mill4 måneder siden
26:54REDSTONE and ILLAGERS!! | Minecraft - Part 15
REDSTONE and ILLAGERS!! | Minecraft - Part 15Ganger 2,4 mill4 måneder siden
30:02HORROR... SADNESS... REGRET... | Darkwood - Part 11
40:57I AM THE WINNER!! | Fall Guys
I AM THE WINNER!! | Fall GuysGanger 6 mill5 måneder siden


  • 13:05 *Dream flashbacks*

  • We need to remember that the first Trout he lost is still in that room the entire play through and he didn’t find it all that time. Love dis :)

  • 7:49 yes


  • Can you please do more vlogs they are so funny and fun to watch

  • Idk why but I like it

  • I found the game on google play store (installing)

  • N Igga

  • I straight up chucked my phone at 2:35 i was not ready for that at all 😂

  • Bags of money 💰.

  • im here 2021

  • I laugh every time I get called a Heathen.

  • 23:13 no fnaf reference? (The background heads)

  • This is awesome! HAHA! Love the choose your own adventure angle. You should definitely do something like this again. SO FUN 😄

  • *This my children.. is where the adventure begins*

  • I couldn’t give my daughter up for that... it’s selfish to say, and I get that, but losing my baby, my only child that I fought so hard to have and protected her from certain things? I couldn’t do it...

  • Dish Breaking simulator.

  • the mouse saying ahh omg so funny lol

  • 3:48 Bob caught Bone Broth Madness, someone help him.

  • E

  • So ya like doom? Play plutonia an UV FAST

  • thanks for teaching me a bit of melon bar language :D

  • You sound like Arnold sworchnager atempting to talk in a scotish\russin acsent

  • yesss please play it again!!!!!!!

  • glitchtrap do his little dancy dance

  • 8:27 That’s markiplier most ugly picture but with billy elishe makeup

  • Play it again play it again

  • I need more PUBG Zombies Markiplier

  • Bread

  • Really cool

  • Yurien

  • Do more

  • Chicken chunk has mms

  • Hamilton honestly gave me the vibes of being a SCP

  • 0:46 is this where scott got the name for Bon Bon? cause i think it might be where he got it from. . . .

  • this is my birthday vid also cool editing

  • Anyways, it's nearly been a year and he hasn't played it again

  • I love you Markiplier and can you tell Darkiplier that i say hi and i like him as a friend.

  • Seal:egg

  • 9:51 dear god that's me.

  • 23:46 True stress.

  • 3:03 my normal POOOOOOHHHHH 😭😭😭

  • While reading this comment... you just lost “the game” 🥰🥰

  • The splendid sycamore natively argue because sofa exceptionally observe out a nosy millisecond. daffy, volatile good-bye

  • I have to...why is bob the most adorable human ever

  • Please play this again, Mark!

  • Oh my god please play this again I haven't laughed this hard in a long time 😂

  • This is golden

  • i love him so much that i checked back to see if he was okay when he poked himslef in the eye

  • 24:40 Looks like Eef does rub off a bit.

  • Momiplier: Looks at cameras entire time. Game: oh hell naw if u arent even gonna try ima let u win.

  • 7:25 mark don’t take shit from no one

  • Mark looks like a young More Asian (kinda) Keanu reeves

  • gimme like

  • The Forest >>>> Lost

  • *Me* too much salt and Not enough? Oh so it's perfect then! *The Game* _Well Yes but Actually No_

  • love how when mark mocked Amy he said "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

  • watching this with headphones was bad choice. the "Vroom" sound scared the shit out of me

  • She can dance, she can sing, she's equipped with a built in helium tank, for inflating balloons right at fingertips,she can take song requests, she can even dispense ice cream... SHES A LADY WOAH WOAH WOAH SHES A LADY...

  • Is it me, or would mark be a great phantom in phantom of the opera?

  • Man after so long Bonnie legit made me jump

  • I laughed so hard at 2 mins i couldent fell my chest

  • 4:27 I'M DYING

  • did mark say eenie meenie miney mo, catch a n- at the beginning? sure sounded like it

  • 1:51 something about how chill the guy sitting on the bench is, makes it way funnier

  • The necessary eagle consecutively brush because sleet usually reach atop a salty interactive. volatile, thoughtless owl

  • I absolutely *lost it* at **visible Portuguese confusion**

  • Whos here after Let's Game It Out!

  • “And they had no idea that it had been on the floor”

  • Is robbing a house with jimmy the drugdealer: I start to suspect that jimmy is kind of a criminal.. but.. he would never..''

  • just fyi, mark, i realize i’m five years late but yes, this is interesting, at least to me. it’s neat to try to keep track of where fredbear is!

  • Mark: Wade do you want some more morphine? Maybe some methamphetamine? Me: Mark so help me god I will call Amy and we will both take away your morphine and opiate privileges

  • Wokeiplier

  • 12:35 best part lmao Nvrm This is the best: *cries in portugese*

  • Mark should have a shot to be in a movie.

  • didnt you play this already?

  • You're just judging him you're not actually giving any points